Product Name EMS 35 EMS 60 EMS HV6500 EMS 60A ++
Characteristic Feature Standard Silicone Emulsion Concentrated Silicone Emulsion High Brightness And Durability Silicone Emulsion Special Concentrated Silicone Emulsion With Antistatic Additive
Appearance Homogeneous, Milky White Homogeneous, Milky White Homogeneous, Milky White Homogeneous, Milky White
Active Constituents, (±2) 30% 60% 60% 60%
Viscosity at 25 °C, mm2/s, approx 250 550 550 1100
Diluent Water Water Water Water
Specific gravity, 25oC, approx 1 1,05 1,05 1,05
pH 4-9 4-9 6-9 4-9
Type of Emulsifier Non-Ionic Non-Ionic Non-Ionic Non-Ionic

What Is Silicone Emulsions

Silicone emulsion is a suitable, inert, heat-resistant, non-toxic chemical to shine, lubricate and impart antistatic properties in many industrial applications.

EMS Silicone Emulsions


EMS Silicone Emulsions is a general purpose fluid nonionic polydimethylsiloxane emulsion. It is manufactured using a high and low viscosity PDMS mixture for a higher gloss effect and more durable separator.

Application Areas

  • Mold release agent (technical rubber, car tire, foundry materials, plastic included)
  • Protective and shine-enhancing paints and polishes on leather and synthetic material surfaces
  • Provide synthetic fiber saturation
  • Giving milk sheen to furs
  • For the final formulations of textile
  • Elastomer, etc. in production
  • For water-repellent adhesion in industrial glassware
  • Protective materials in flooring, furniture, leather, rubber
  • In the printing and web printing industry lubricant, color fluctuation prevention and shine
  • Rotary offset printing systems to increase the web’s heat resistance and tear resistance

Storage conditions

EMS Silicone Emulsions can be stored in closed packages for at least 18 months. The material must be protected at + 5oC and + 30oC.

Ambalaj : 200kg PE drums and 950 / 1000kg IBC tanks.